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July 30th, 2014 | Posted by deardesigner in Gardens

As this glorious summer continues I find that I’m spending more and more time outdoors. Even without a perfect garden, the lure to sit outside is strong and I’ve been looking for inspiration everywhere for creating a little area for dining and entertaining.

Lo and behold, Designers Guild have lots of lovely ideas for using brightly coloured fabrics outside.

Designers Guild

I like the idea of this metal frame as a more temporary version of a pergola. The fabrics could be changed when you fancy a new colour scheme and stored away for winter. Because lets face it in our winters the last thing we want in small gardens is a huge structure blocking out light.

Designers Guild Saraille linen

And this larger version attached to the house is even big enough to accommodate a full size dining table. How lovely would this be on summer evenings with a lantern or two and the curtains wafting in the breeze?

Designers Guild Havana collection

And who says you can’t create a bohemian den on the deck of a modern house? This would be the ideal spot to spend an afternoon with family and friends.

Designers Guild Brera linens

May summer last a very long time.

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