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December 5th, 2011 | Posted by deardesigner in Inspiration | Interior Design

When I posted about Hilary Swanks New York apartment and her wall of wood last week it received a lot of comments.  It wasn’t the Calvin Klein furniture, the classy black and white photographs or the plush soft furnishings that got you all going, but the rough-hewn planks of reclaimed barn wood!

Desire to Inspire

It seems that utilitarian, solid, honest materials tick a lot of boxes at the moment.  It feels right to re-use and re-cycle in times of austerity and it makes us feel that we are all doing just a teeny bit to save our planet. 


But organic materials, especially wood are also undeniably beautiful.  Whether they are used in a rustic, urban or contemporary setting, they add texture and warmth, and just the right amount of edginess.

reclaimed wood wall

Inspired Spaces

You don’t have to leave them in their natural state either.  Painted white, they still retain a rustic charm but without the log cabin effect.  Added bonus?  You can add a pair of antlers without it looking like a cliché.

white reclaimed wood wall

Decor pad

Add metal and chain mail and marble and the effect is more of an enchanted palace.

reclaimed wood wall


And sometimes the less you do to them the better.  The different blues in this bathroom are the result of layer upon layer of paint added over the years and weathered to just the right degree of distressed shabbiness.

reclaimed wood wall

Little Blue Deer

reclaimed wood wall

Design Sponge

How cosy is this bedroom?  Don’t you just want to snuggle up under the blankets with a cup of hot chocolate?

reclaimed wood wall

Whitedriftwood Tumblr

reclaimed wood wall

Desire to Inspire

So enduring.  Built to last and it will only improve with age.

Do you like it?

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