Inspiration – The Perfect Country Bedroom

January 23rd, 2012 | Posted by deardesigner in Inspiration | Interior Design

One of these days I am going to have a little house in the country. 

Nothing fancy pants, just a modest cottage nestling in a valley with a stream trickling by.  The rooms will be square and perfectly formed.  A fireplace in every room, windows unadorned by curtains, floorboards waxed and swept.  There will be no superfluous decorations, just the things that make day-to-day living pleasant and comfortable…

And the bedrooms will be the simplest but most comfortable rooms of all.

Here’s my wishlist for the perfect country bedroom.

  • Iron bedsteads.  Timeless and sturdy and perfectly suited to life in the country.

  • Comfortable bedding.  Plump duck down duvets and eider-downs to snuggle under in the winter and to air out of the windows in spring.

  • Simple furniture.  Chunky wood or pieces rescued from a previous life.  Suitcases and stools make perfect bedside tables.

  • A rug to ease the transition from bed to bathroom. 

  • A few essentials by the side of the bed.  A lamp, a book, a water carafe.

  • Flowers of course.  Best when picked staight from the garden and displayed in simple jug.

  • Simple decorations.  Flower pictures, a cushion on a wooden chair, a few family mementos, a touch of lace…

Do we all have these fantasies?  Or is it just me?

Image credits: 1 Everyday Lovely 2 James Merrell 3 Apartmenttherapy 4 Papa Stour 5 Country Living 6 Sweet Home Style 7 VTWonen

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