Dreaming of a House in France…

April 16th, 2012 | Posted by deardesigner in Inspiration | Interior Design

Just back from six days in the French countryside and feeling rejuvenated and inspired.

Six whole days with no TV, no newspapers, no wi-fi, no crowds, no traffic and absolutely no noise.  Now that doesn’t happen often!

Nothing to do each day but sleep late, wander ancient villages, breathe fresh air and admire the tumbling wisteria that was everywhere.  Meals were wholesome, the cheese was soft and runny and the wine was plentiful.  The only thing we could have wished for was better weather, but it didn’t really matter.

And of course I’m now dreaming of a permanent bolthole.  I’m not imagining anything grand, in fact quite humble.  And the more I think about it the more my wish list grows.

Rough plastered walls, with plain wooden floors and simple country furniture.  A dresser with piles of mis-matched china but mostly in white.  A muted colour scheme, predominately whites and grays and warm, warm wood.

A huge fireplace of course and plenty of candles to make the evenings extra cosy and to make the chandeliers sparkle.  I didn’t say there would be no luxury did I?  And for adornment, an oil painting or two picked up for pennies at a local brocante.

Sofas and cushions will be covered in linen that has been washed until faded and soft to the touch and smelling of the sweet outdoors. 

Bedrooms will be particularly simple.  A headboard made out of an old door.  A chair for a bedside table.  Fresh flowers tumbling out of earthenware jugs.

And outside there will be a shady place to sit and enjoy endless meals during the summer months.  And of course a potting shed to grow vegetables and herbs.

Do you dream of a house in the country?

Image sources:

Collage 1 and 2 my own

Collage 3, 4 and 5 from Pinterest board.


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