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Open the Designer Box

How much do we all like to receive gifts in the post?

How would you like to receive a surprise, limited edition designer prezzie once a month for a small subscription of less than 30 euros? That’s the concept behind Designer Box. Members will receive a collector’s edition design object that won’t be available anywhere else….

Love Will Soon Be In The Air

How do you spend Valentines Day?
Do you plan a special dinner at home or in a restaurant that has a special meaning? Do you crack open the champagne, buy gifts or just mark the occasion with a witty card?
When it comes down to it, I think us girls always…

Traditionally Crafted Home Accessories from deVOL

It’s always lovely to see a revival of traditional crafts. deVOL who are perhaps better known for their beautiful bespoke kitchens, have developed a small range of beautifully designed and crafted pieces for the home. Within the range are solid oak chopping boards, beautiful laundry maids, decorative ladders, oak and painted peg…