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Do you ever wonder what the homes of the big names in design look like?

Well, this is a glimpse of the home of Casper Vissers and his wife Suzy.  Casper is the co-founder of Dutch company Moooi and the house is in Breda, the Netherlands.

Casper Vissers co founder of Moooi via Elle Decoration 1

I love the quality of light and the view from the dining room window is to die for.  I’m quite partial to some clipped hedges.

Casper Vissers co founder of Moooi via Elle Decoration 3

The house has some wonderful period features and the addition of the more contemporary Moooi designs just seems to highlight the mouldings and the ceiling roses.

Casper Vissers co founder of Moooi via Elle Decoration

Its also a good lesson in the use of a restained colour scheme.

Casper Vissers co founder of Moooi via Elle Decoration 4

The full story can be found on Elle Decoration.


Styled by Tatjana Quax; Photography by Inga Powilleit


I have just fallen in love with the Californian home of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith!

Designed by Architect Stephen Samuelson, it is full of intimate spaces, organic forms and handcrafted details.

I think it’s the views that really grab you.  Every room seems to be designed to take in those glorious vistas.  From waking up to sundown there is a little nook for drinking in all of that fresh air.

For more photographs and details of the house head over to Architectural Digest.

Photographs by Roger Davies.


The New York apartment of Ivanka Trump in an Upper Eastside tower is as glamorous and luxurious as you would expect but it’s not in the least bit showy.

She worked with decorator Kelly Behun to create this very carefully considered look and I’m liking it a lot.  The faded colours of the rug are beautiful, as is that light installation.

Apparently the light fitting over the dining table is the first thing she bought and is still her favourite thing in the whole apartment.

I found the bright blue accents quite surprising at first but then they grew on me.  Inspired by the chinese dogs maybe?

The nursery is the cosiest room…and don’t you just love that low chandelier?

For more pictures and the full story, head over to Elle Decor.

Oh, I do like a little snoop, so I’m going to share just a few pictures I spied in Elle Decor this week.

It’s the historic Wallace Neff ranch that Reese Witherspoon bought five years ago in Ojai, and where her family spends weekends and holidays. The property sits on seven acres that include a swimming pool, a barn, a horse paddock, and guest cottages and was originally built in 1923.

For more beautiful pictures and the full story, hop over to Elle Decor.

Photographer: William Waldron

Yesterday when I was researching images for my post on hallways, I came across the NYC townhouse of Brooke Shields and the photographs were so lovely I decided to share some more.

I think this is my favourite photograph of all.  I love the classical details and while it’s bit traditional for my tastes there’s no getting away from the fact that it looks very tasteful.  A round dining table is so much more sociable don’t you think? 

 I love the open fire.  The kitchen again looks traditional but it also looks lived it; and I can’t get over the shine on that floor.  The ceiling pendents over the table look a bit unexpected however; can’t help feeling that they would be better suited to another style of kitchen.

The sitting room is so elegant.  It puts me in mind of a naval captains house somehow with its muted colours, leggy furniture and classical busts.  But just as you think it is too stuffy you spot the rabbit drawings on the wall and the glass coffee table.  Love the windows by the way.

 I thought at first that this would be the guest bedroom but no it’s the master.  The most feminine room in this selection.  It continues the traditional feel of the rest of the house with the four-poster and the oil painting but the colours are light and contemporary.  Peaceful and calming, don’t you think?

 And the en suite bathroom is just as light and airy.  How deep is that bath?  What do you think that set of steps is for?

The guest bedroom of course.  Quite masculine but so comfortable looking.

What do you think?

You can read the interview and see more photographs over on The Architectural Digest.

 Photographs by William Waldron

I’m a big fan of Jonathan Adler.  He is maybe not as well-known in the UK as in the States but that is about to change very soon believe me.  There is now a store in London, in Sloane Avenue and there are more in the pipeline.  Plus you can buy online.

Visiting the Jonathan Adler empire in New York last March as part of BlogTour NYC was one of the highlights of the trip for me.  Jonathan was a gracious host; he was warm, genuine, chatty and funny.  His design aesthetic is for bright and colourful mid-century style and the Shelter Island retreat he has created with his husband Simon Doonan is no exception. 

You can read the story behind the retreat over on Architectural Digest.

And here’s a few of my own snaps taken in March.

A relaxed Jonathan chats in his office where on the other side of the room is his desk/ping-pong table.

Fascinating to watch the man at work, pink crocs an all!

Just a couple of glimpses of the colourful and fun Adler products.

The lovely Emily Peck recorded an interview while we were there and you can read all about it over on the Achica Living blog.

Maybe next time we’ll get an invite to the Shelter Island Retreat?!

This apartment could only be in New York. 

It belongs to fashion stylist Jackie Astier and is causing me serious house envy.  Every image just makes me want to get out the magnifying glass and investigate every single nook and cranny.  It is so filled with gorgeous stuff that I could sit for hours lusting and dreaming.

Now, I could go on for ever about the high gloss on the ceiling, the many windows and the sumptious velvet on the chairs.  But I won’t.

I could tell you how much I love that mirrored screen and how I would love to sink my toes into that rug and stretch full length on that sofa.  But I won’t.

I might mention the animal skins and the textured walls and those yummy brass accents.  I might.

And I might mention the so, so shiny floors and how I would kill for those turquoise dining chairs!  But then I would have to kill you.

Did I mention I was going to New York?

Read more about this rock and roll apartment and the designer who created it on Elle Decor.


I just love this New York apartment belonging to Erin Featherston.

The first photograph has been on one of my pinterest boards for some time but I keep going back to it.  I can’t quite work out why I love it so much.

I guess it’s because it’s feminine without being overly girly.  The colour palette is quite soft and the vast windows just flood the space with light.  And who wouldn’t be blown away by those doors?

The silk roses trailing down the Holly Hunt candle chandelier are so pretty!

Yes, I’d feel like I was floating on air if I lived here too.

All photographs via Vogue. Photographer Claiborne Swanson Frank.


Hilary Swank’s New York Apartment as featured in Elle Decor.

Modest in size and surprisingly understated,  “I feel comforted in smaller spaces,” the actress says “They’re more nurturing.” I second that.

Hilary has also started to collect art and this wall clad with planks of reclaimed barn wood sets them off beautifully.

Apparently a lot of the furniture is from Calvin Klein Home so it’s not surprising that it’s so tasteful.  I love the mirror propped against the wall in the kitchen.

And the very restrained colour scheme.

Can’t you just imagine curling up with a book in this cosy corner?

On a side note, this is the third time in a week I have seen scissors used as decoration…I must investigate further…

To read more about the design decisions and inspiration for this beautiful apartment head over to Elle Decor.

Photographs by Simon Upton.

A touch of dark glamour to get us all in the mood for Halloween.

The New York home of fashion designer Anna Sui.

It may be monochrome but it’s still ultra girly.  And dramatic and glamorous.  I love the combination of the antiqued glass wall, the black wallpaper and the ultra glossy floor.  And who doesn’t like an inlay chest and rococo mirrors?  I might however,  have to draw the line at a taxidermy peacock!

This is Anna’s second apartment in this Manhattan block where she has lived since 2000. She decided it would make a great spot for spreading out to work on book projects and by the look of the next photograph to cope with the overflow from her wardrobe.

Pretty much everything in the space is black or white with touches of gold since Anna subscribes to one of Dorothy Draper’s decorating tricks “if in doubt paint it black”.  I couldn’t agree more.  It’s a great way to get furniture from different periods and different sources and even different woods to go together.

Anna’s apartment appeared in Elle Decor in 2009.

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