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April 23rd, 2012 | Posted by deardesigner in Events

I can’t believe that it has been over a month since I was in New York!  Sometimes when you go on a trip you have to hit the ground running on your return, don’t you find?  You have to deal with the backlog at work, spend time with friends and family, catch up with the chores and just generally deal with life.

I did do some blog posts at the time about the memories I was making because blogging is about the here and now, and it’s important to keep subjects topical and let you, lovely readers know whats going on.   The six days went past in a bit of a blur.  There were so many new faces, experiences, designers, and sponsors to absorb and record and it was a tad exhausting I have to admit.

And sometimes it takes longer than that to let memories settle.  It takes time and distance to form those lasting impressions that will stay with you forever. 

So finally over the weekend I had time to sort my photographs into some kind of order and the memories started to flood back.  Partly it was the people who made the trip so special.  I will be forever grateful to Veronika at Modenus for masterminding the whole Blogtour NYC event and making it possible in the first place, but also to all of the other bloggers who participated and made it such fun.  If you’re interested you can see us all on Facebook.

It will probably take me some time share the rest of my photographs but in the meantime here are my ‘springtime in New York’ snaps.  A lasting impression of unseasonably hot weather and blossom and spring bulbs in the park and on the streets.

A big thank you also, to all of the sponsors:

Blanco America,  Miele, Samuel Heath, Du Verre Hardware, Rotsen Furniture, MMPI (organisers of AD show 2012), Scholtes, Poggenpohl Kitchens, Spirit of Sports, Victoria and Albert Baths, Jenn Air, Big Ass Fans, Modern Aire, Mix Magazine, WallunicaVitra, Axor.

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