Dear Designer’s first giveaway…

This cute ‘lovebirds’ wall sticker is being given away free to one lucky winner by Wallpaper Direct who are a firm favourite of DD for sourcing designer wallpaper.  Not only do they have all designers on one easy to navigate website but they also have their own blog here where you can keep up with news and current trends.

To enter:

  • Visit the Wallpaper Direct website here and then come back to this blog and leave a comment below.
  • For an additional entry – put this Dear Designer’s Blog on your blogroll and leave another comment.

The closing date for entries is next Friday at noon (GMT) and the winner will be chosen by Wallpaper Direct (out of a hat) and announced the following Tuesday.

From Dear Designer’s inspiration files.  A selection of bedrooms that will appeal to the men but are not without small feminine touches too…

An absolute favourite from Desire to Inspire.  Love the felt clad walls and matching curtains, the leather studded headboard, the woollen blanket and the black piped bed linen.  All completely masculine but then add a heavy brass carved lamp base, a gilt clock and some gorgeous red roses and the lady of the house is happy too.

Source Unknown

It’s the studded leather headboard again.  This time with a wood panelled wall, monogrammed bed linen and chrome reading lamps.  The large artworks prevent the wood panelling from being too overpowering and the checked bed throw adds some pattern but its the piles of books on the bedside tables and the white roses that make this room so cosy and welcoming.

House to Home

Studs again!  This time on a woollen headboard, with the plainest of bedside tables and a black lampshade.  All male. But then add silk cushions, some subtle pattern and a mohair throw. Oh, and a dog wearing a love heart on his collar.


Grey panelled walls, venetian blind, dark wood, wool throw.  Could be dull.  But add a pleated silk lampshade and feminine retro dressing table stool and its anything but.

Lonny Magazine

Love the large mirror instead of a headboard adding light to a dark grey room.  Dark wood again and plain dark grey blinds but lifted by the lucite lamps with white shades and the pink cushion and flowers.


Another shade of grey.  Painted brick walls, plain linen headboard, reading lamps and stripes. But, add white linen curtains, touches of gold and just one patterned cushion and voila!

Homes and Gardens

Pattern and a pretty blue on the wall prevent this one from being too manly.

Lonny Magazine

 Not too many feminine touches in this one but the tactile throw and the sheer white curtains help.  Not sure what the stag horns above the bed symbolise?  Any ideas?

Dear Designer was invited to the Langham Hotel a couple of weeks ago by the lovely guys at Gekko.  A very belated thank you for their hospitality and thank you to The Langham for the tour.

Newly refurbished by none other than, yes, you’ve guessed it, David Collins

If only she could have stayed the night!!

Available from Canadian brand Umbra and sold as a set.

But if you like these, have a look at the diverse range of designs on the Mauricio Affonso website.  Dear Designer particularly likes the pendant light made from ring-pulls.  Amazing.

Delightfully quirky, another gorgeous house from Light Locations.

And unless I’m very much mistaken, this one is the home of the founder of Squint who produce the most amazing pieces of bespoke furniture…

Dear Designers’ Sunday afternoon surf brings you her five absolute favourite things from Niki-Jones.

Well, actually it was far too difficult to choose just five items, so here is a selection of some of the beautiful hand made products available on this website.

Dear Designer’s favourite images this week from all those lovely blogs out there……….

Click on the picture for the full post.

Delight by Design

The Lettered Cottage

A Life More Fabulous


Belle Maison

Inspiration Online

My Favorite and My Best 

Many thanks to Heart Home for bringing this little offering to the attention of Dear Designer…

Although he might prefer this one…

From etsy seller Alexandra Ferguson, available here.

Made from 100 percent post consumer recycled felt.  Each pillow is approximately the equivalent of 4 bottles that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill.

Designer Tina Tsang, a graduate of Central Saint Martins College of Art, likes to breathe new life into everyday objects giving them a sense of other worldliness…

Undergrowth Design

Oh, for an outdoor room…

Not just the obligatory table, chairs and striped umbrella on the patio.  Oh no… 

An actual room!

Cosy and comfortable. 

 Protected from the sun, and the rain, and cool breezes, and the nosy stares of neighbours…  

 With plump cushions and blankets for the chill of evening…

With candles and lanterns and maybe a fire…

Somewhere to escape to with a favourite book…

Where no one will notice if reading turns to napping…

Where friends can come for a good gossip…

Or the odd tipple or two…

Where evenings turn to night but it’s too cosy to go indoors…

Oh, for an outdoor room.

Sources: House to Home, Abigail Ahern, Light Locations, Desire to Inspire, Squillace Nicholas, Marie Claire Maison, Room Envy, Livingetc.

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