I always love a good nosey around Anthropologie. Shop or website. It’s a bit like travelling around the world without leaving the country. A home will always benefit from a collection of tribal art or a hand-woven throw from India. It’s the layers that make a house a home and give it a warmer personality. A bit pricey granted, but choose wisely and you’ll have pieces that you won’t see anywhere else.

Anthropologie Kalver Armchair £658

Take this linen and mango wood armchair. It’s a stand-out piece that’s just made for my bedroom. The hand-tufted back gives it an ethnic edge and the buttons give an extra element of interest. No wonder it retails at £658.

Anthropologie Textured Chevron Duvet £248

I always revert back to white for duvet covers and sheets but I love this light grey chevron textured one. Added bonus? I reckon you can get away without ironing it. £248.

Anthropologie Industrial Mirror Shelf £98 - £148

These metal framed mirrors would be perfect in a downstairs bathroom. My downstairs bathroom. Just big enough for guests to give themselves a once over and to hold a small vase of flowers and a bottle of perfume. £98 – £148.

Anthropologie Echo Treks Dessert Plates £14

These dessert plates would make great gifts for weddings or Christmas. £14.

Anthropologie Scrollwork Towel Collection £6 - £28

And last but not least on my lust list, these lovely textured towels. £6 – £28.

Worth saving up for.

I think I may have the post-holiday blues. I’m missing the huge vistas, the wide open skies and the sea views. I’m craving colour. In the home. In my wardrobe. In my daily life.

Well, in the home, that’s where curtains come in. There’s no easier way of adding colour, and pattern and interest to a decorating scheme. You may think that’s what wallpaper is for, much as I love it, but wallpaper doesn’t add texture and the sense of luxury that well made curtains convey.

And my fabric of choice? It has to be natural fabrics such as linen and cotton every time. The colours are more subtle on linens than in other fabrics I usually find, and it has a weight behind it that just makes them hang beautifully. And there is nothing quite like the crisp freshness of 100% cotton.

Clouds and other fabrics from The Natural Curtain Company

My dream living room scheme to beat the post holiday blues.

What about the Clouds fabric (above). Perfect for a child’s room, but also stunning for a summer living room or a sun room. The gorgeous fluffy clouds will lift the spirits on a grey winter’s day. I’d keep it simple with tab-top curtains on a metal pole and fit a plain roman blind beneath it. Nothing says comfort like a layered window treatment. To complete the scheme I would choose a grey sofa and make up some cushions in some coordinating stripes and plains. The striped fabric is spun from the finest European flax and will add a more traditional twist to the scheme. Perfect.

Rowen Cream and other fabrics from The Natural Curtain Company

My dream bedroom scheme to beat the post holiday blues.

Or what about some pretty birds for an uplifting bedroom scheme? A delicate design, it depicts the blue tit on the Rowan Tree. I’d pick out the yellow for cushions and use another small-scale pattern in similar shades too for maybe a bed valance or bed curtains. So traditional. Once again I’d keep the curtains simple with a roman blind underneath.

There are so many fabulous fabrics out there it is so hard to choose.

airforce-pencilpleat curtains from the Natural Curtain Co

But the real icing on the cake would be to choose some bespoke ready-made curtains and have someone do it all for me!


Blog Love – Helt Enkelt

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Or is it blog envy? It had to be Swedish of course. It oozes style and good taste. The photographs are simple glimpses into a life unknown. An interior I’ve never seen. The life of a person I’ve never met.

And I’d like to meet.

It’s the blog of Anna-Malin and it’s called Helt Enkelt and it is quite simply beautiful.

heltenkelt.elsasentourage.se [1]

heltenkelt.elsasentourage.se [2]

heltenkelt.elsasentourage.se [3]

heltenkelt.elsasentourage.se [5]

I even love her wardrobe.

I had to share these with you today. They had me positively grinning at the prospect of enjoying so many blooms well into the winter. No more gloom.

Bluebellgray AW14-floor-cushion-cluster

These new giant floor cushions from Bluebellgray have been created from a selection of Fi’s most popular designs. Each one is 120 x 120 cms, choc full of beans and designed to mix and match. Choose from abstract, floral and rainbow versions in quality linen and velvet, and have some fun!

Bluebellgray - AW14-floor-cushion-cluster-ii

I love the thought of making a cosy reading corner this autumn exactly where the sun hits the floor. Or entertaining friends and family in such an informal way.

Bluebellgray - AW14-floor-cushion-stack

Each cushion is priced at £220 and available from Bluebellgray.

A Place for Everything…

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I’m a tidy person, it has to be said. I like to put things away, fold things up, and just generally organise. It makes me feel satisfied and in control. Luckily the BF is just the same and when we moved into our new house earlier this year the first thing he did was hang his clothes in our brand new fitted wardrobes. Sad I know.

Hammonds Fusion Walnut and Cream (1)

So when Hammonds asked me to have a look at their bedroom furniture ranges I was more than happy to have a little peek. I may have my own wardrobes sorted but fantasising about shoe racks, hidden laundry baskets and segmented make-up drawers is another guilty secret. And let’s face it, bespoke fitted wardrobes do make the most of our valuable bedroom space and can even utilize those awkward nooks and crannies that older houses and loft conversions seem to have.

Hammonds Fusion Teak and Mandarin (1) - Copy

But, in actual fact I was more than blown away with the sheer good looks on offer.

Hammonds Palladian (1)

Not only do they have a good variety of styles – from contemporary to classic – but they also have a Fusion range which allows you to combine textured wood together with fantastic high sheen finishes in some very fetching and on-trend colours. Absolutely perfect for creating a completely personal style. And to help you with that they have some knowledgeable designers who will work with you each step of the way, finding out what you love in order to bring you the bedroom you’ve always dreamt of.

Hammonds Fusion Teak and Cream (2)

So it really doesn’t matter whether you live in a period house, a country cottage or a minimalist loft there really is a range that would suit every interior.

Willesley Walk in white

Now if you will excuse me, I’m off to sort out my knicker drawer.

Sian Zeng is a London-based design company specialising in wallpapers, interior accessories and gifts that are playful and feed the imagination of children. And adults too I might add.

Sian Zeng Dino Yellow Green Wallpaper


They have developed a range of interactive, magnetic wallpapers on which their young customers can play out their own fantasies by moving a cast of magnetic creatures and buildings across the wall, adding quotes and stories with write-on speech bubbles.

Sian Zeng Dino Pink Green Wallpaper


And the newest in the range is this Dino collection which offers a magical trip to a far off land, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Sian Zeng  Dino Magnetic

Available in a range of colour combinations, including grey, yellow green and pink green, all wallpapers are printed in England. The magnets are available to buy separately.

Sian Zeng Dino Grey wallpaper detail


The Dino collection is also available in a non-magnetic finish that is ideally suited to a smaller budget, but also offers the chance to combine the two, using regular wallpaper and accenting a single wall with a magnetic design to create a striking feature.

Styling: Charlotte Love

Photography: Jon Day

Taking a Break

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Grand Canyon photograph by Stefan Pearson

Taking a break.

Time to recharge the batteries and absorb some new sights. It’s been a while since I last went proper travelling and it’s long overdue. So, I’m unplugging the computer for at least two weeks and planning on relaxing as much as possible. However I am hoping to share a few pictures on instagram so you can follow me there. And I have been a busy bee on the Heart Home blog so daily posts will be continuing over there.

See you in two weeks.

Grand Canyon photograph by Stefan Pearson.

Much as I love a monochrome palette, it can sometimes feel a little hard-edged and harsh. Especially in the greyness of the British winter. So, sometimes it just needs the addition of one other colour to warm it up and create a glow. What could be better than a soft pink?

This apartment in Stockholm has all the ingredients of a cosy nest. The black and white elements are softened by shades of pink, from the barest blush to full-on salmon. Continuing the colour scheme with just subtle variations from room to room gives a lovely continuity as you can see. The rooms used in the daytime – the dining and sitting rooms use colours from the  lighter end of the spectrum but the bedroom is dramatically dark.

Stockholm house photographed by  Kristofer Johnsson [1]

Stockholm house photographed by  Kristofer Johnsson [2]

Stockholm house photographed by  Kristofer Johnsson [3]

Stockholm house photographed by  Kristofer Johnsson [4]

Stockholm house photographed by  Kristofer Johnsson [5]

Stockholm house photographed by  Kristofer Johnsson

I think I’ll move in.

Found on: My Scandinavian Home.

Interior: Pella Hedeby & Marie Ramse. Architecture: Gert Wingårdh. Photography: Kristofer Johnsson.

A Taste of the Orient

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A touch of escapism from Tesco Direct this Autumn.

China Girl is a colourful collection of bright bedding and textured accessories with more than a touch of Eastern promise making it very easy and super affordable to give the home an Oriental makeover for autumn.

tescodirect_china girl [1]

Traditional flower and bird print double duvet set, aqua, £18. Manhattan headboard, black, double, £149. Butlers tray table, black, £35. Etched barrel vase, £12. Cylinder fluted bud vase, £3.50.

tescodirect_china girl [2]

Julianne loveseat, velvet, midnight blue £399. Savoy mirror glass occasional table, silver, £129. Butlers tray table, black, £35. Texture chenille cushion, shocking pink, £10. Gatsby cushion, teal, £10. Fan cushion, purple, £14. Butterfly triptych, 20x60cm, £6. Etched barrel vase, £12. Damson and pomegranate candle in a jar, £2.

tescodirect_china girl [4]

Butlers tray, black, £35. Etched barrel vase, £12. cylinder flared bud vase, £3.50. Butterfly triptych 20x60cm, set of three, £6. Damson & pomegranate candle in a jar, £2.

The Lust List – Rose & Grey

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I love compiling imaginary shopping lists. Doesn’t everyone? I could never afford to buy everything I lust after but it’s always fun to imagine you could. I even go so far sometimes of putting them in the shopping basket before coming to my senses and exiting the website pronto. It must drive shop owners mad!

What I can do however is share here. And it’s a tangible moodboard/filing system for my likes and aesthetics, and occasionally I do use my own search box to find something I saw in the past and now have a genuine need for. So you see, all that surfing is not a waste of time it’s necessary!

Rose and Grey - High_res_Italian_Tan_Leather_Chesterfield

Rose and Grey is a favourite place to ‘window shop’.  This classically-styled Italian leather chesterfield in tan is simply stunning. It will never go out of fashion, and will just get better with age. The ultimate in statement seating for your home at £2,750.​

Rose and Grey - High_res_Organize_Storage_Box_on_Wheels

And I guarantee I will always find a use for more storage. This handy and chic box on wheels will banish the clutter, whether storing magazines or keeping paperwork neat and tidy in between uses. I’m more and more working from the sofa (not good I know) and it would be great to have one of these to drop things into for a quick tidy up. £55.

Rose and Grey High_res_Cirque_Side_Table

And I love this very simply styled and understated side table with the look of classic Danish furniture, the Cirque Side Table, £95, would be a great addition in the living room to hold a stylish lamp or a cup of tea.

Rose and Grey

And you can never have too many accessories!  The charming metal-framed mirror is a perfect heart-shape with rusting looking hanging rope. Choose from either small (£50) or large (£65). The Moosehead bottle opener (£14.95), tall stemmed shot glasses (£26.50 for the set), and the retro Peacock mug (£7.50) would all make good gifts too.

Rose and Grey

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